Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is an injection technique that is aimed at calming down some of the painful aspects of acute injury—without compromising the healing process.

The main technique consists of injecting minute quantities of Procaine™ into or below the skin (intradermally or subcutaneously), around and over the area of an acute ligament or tendon sprain injury.  This treatment results in reducing the pain related to the acute swelling that is so common to this injury.  This rather miraculous reduction of acute swelling is likely due to the resetting of the autonomic system innervation of the general area and reducing localized lymphedema.

Trigger Point Injection is a form of Neural Therapy. A trigger point is a very small focus of spasmed muscle.  These small foci of spasm are caused by chronic muscle strain and sprain.  The technique consists of:

  • First, palpating and finding trigger points in sprained and sore muscles.
  • Second, injecting a small amount of low concentration  Procaine™ into the very small trigger point.

Injecting the Procaine™, or any other local anesthetic, causes an anesthetization of the focus of muscle spasm, which breaks the neural cycle that is perpetuating the spasm.

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