Orthotic Therapy

Orthotic Therapy utilizes a prosthetic device, the orthotic, which is manufactured and fitted to identically restore a patient’s fallen plantar arch.

If you suffer from fallen plantar arches, then replacing your shoe’s original insole with an orthotic insert can help to:

  • Restore the normal biodynamics of a flattened plantar arch
  • Resolve pain problems that often affect the ankles, knees and patellae, hips, sacroiliac joints, low back, even, as high up as the neck and head due to skeletal misalignment secondary to the pronation and external rotation of fallen arches.
  • Prevent the occurrence of or to resolve plantar fasciitis
  • Prevent further physical degenerative changes of deviated first toes and painful, unsightly bunions—and
  • Relieve the pain of metatarsalgia and Morton’s “neuroma”
  • Relieve the pain of Hallux limitans or Hallux rigidus

Our Orthotic Process

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To manufacture a properly designed orthotic, one needs to obtain a non-weight-bearing, identical impression of your feet.  Usually a foam impression is satisfactory but other techniques are available when necessary. The proper impression should duplicate all three natural arches of the feet.  Obtaining such an accurate impression takes a little science and a lot of skill—and we have both.

Our orthotist uses the impression to expertly manufacture a custom, semi-rigid orthotic that meets your specific needs. Then, Dr. Clark personally and expertly fits the orthotic to your feet and shoes, assuring that the new orthotic fits your needs.

Occasionally, orthotics also may serve as a foundational base for applying heel lifts to resolve special problems such as  making up the leg length discrepancy of an anatomically short leg.

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