“Thanks, Doc!  Everytime I lift weights at the gym without shoulder pain, I think of you!!”  
–Jeff, weight lifter treated for severe, chronic shoulder sprain

“After years of living with constant lower back pain, Dr. Clark has helped me to feel like a normal person again.  Prolotherapy really does work!”  
–Ryan, systems designer treated for severe, chronic low back pain

“I had been experiencing chronic shoulder pain for months, and had tried various treatments, but nothing had made it any better. After two prolotherapy sessions with Dr. Clark, my shoulder pain was gone, and a year later, my shoulder still feels perfect! Thanks!”  
–Faith, art designer, chronic shoulder pain

“I came to see Dr. Clark with extreme pain in my left lower back and left hip.  I couldn’t get comfortable or focus much during the day and the pain was preventing me from sleeping.  After my first Prolotherapy treatment, I had a 50% reduction in pain.  I am now back to my normal activities.  Thank you, Dr. Clark!” —Chuck, business manager, chronic low back pain

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