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What Post-therapeutic activity is advisable?

What Post-therapeutic activity is advisable?

In the case of Prolotherapy, normal activity movement, stretching, and exercise are important for the laying down of normal collagen in the healing of ligaments or tendons.

Therefore, just use common sense in your daily, exercise, or sports activity and do not join in any activity that is painful.

Move and exercise the treated joint as much as possible throughout the post-prolotherapeutic healing phase, including normal/routine daily activity movements. However, limit the degree of range of motion and strength exercising to that which is tolerated BEFORE it becomes painful. Let pain limit your movement or degree of stretching. Do not participate in aggressive exercise training or sports activities until agreed upon by Dr. Clark.

DO NOT IMMOBILIZE any treated joint with a sling or restrictive bandage. However, a sacroiliac belt may be appropriate following sacroiliac treatment if the sacroiliac joint is excessively hypermobile and painful.

Following low back and sacroiliac treatments, especially, avoid extreme turning movements, such as performed in Yoga (e.g., Warrior pose).